Overcoming Procrastination

One of the major reasons for procrastination on big important tasks is that they appear so large at the outset and you are overwhelmed by them.

Another reason for procrastination is the notion of ‘time poverty’. There is never enough time to do everything; but the question is: are you doing the important things or the ‘nice to do things’?

Yet another reason for procrastination is that people become ‘victims of time’ rather than ‘masters of time’. They live in reactive mode. The first step is to get your thinking right by addressing the question ‘why are you avoiding and procrastinating on this task?’

Having cleared your thinking and eliminated the mental block, next…


One of the best techniques to eliminate procrastination is to break large tasks down into smaller slices and set diary appointment times for working the task ‘a slice at a time’.


Psychologically you will find it easier to do a single, small part of a large project than t start the whole job.

As you take action, your confidence will grow and the task won’t appear so overwhelming. Decide today that you are going to become a ‘master of time’ by:

1. Decide in your mind that you can and will complete the project

2. Identify what’s really important

3. Take immediate action right now and plan the next stages of the project

4. The rule is start somewhere, anywhere

5. Break down the major project and work it a slice at a time.

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