Overview of Imelda Butler’s presentation for the TTI Winners conference 2011

Only three days to go to the TTI Winners Conference and four days to my presentation. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with fellow like minded consultants and attending their presentations which cover a wide range of subjects. Nothing is more inspiring than listening to someone who has passion and a purpose to what they do in life.

My purpose and passion is inspiring individuals to identify, clarify and fulfill their purpose and potential. Our business is the development and application of processes, systems and methodologies to enable individuals and organizations maximize their potential.

My presentation is titled, “Reinvent Yourself: Odyssey for the Soul” and will be presented on Monday, January 17.

The presentation’s theme is: Life is worth living ‘now’ and consulting is a business worth doing well. To get the best from both life and consulting requires continually reinventing yourself. A key strategy for reinventing yourself is to recognize patterns to living and working at higher levels and to develop models and systems that are simple, yet comprehensive.

Reinvent Yourself: Odyssey for the Soul introduces you to a systems platform for life and business which may inspire you to achieve optimal success and happiness in your life and business.

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