Personal Leadership

personal leadership

The great challenge in life is to adopt a philosophy and approach to everything by embracing personal leadership with 100% responsibility.

What does personal leadership look like? And how do you maintain a total commitment in all areas of your life and work?

How do you know yourself better? Appreciate others in a new way? And learn how to get the most from your talents and gifts?

Understand yourself first and the truth will give you freedom to be, have and do all that you are capable of being. Move away from being a ‘human doing’ to becoming a ‘human being’. Embrace life at a new higher level. Focus more on quality of life rather than quantity of achievements.

Develop an attitude of gratitude for all that you are and all that you are becoming.

Recognise the diamond that is within you and let it shine. Use your talents to serve others and you in return will receive the rewards of your service.

Three Ps that are critical for personal leadership:

Four key points of personal leadership:

  1. Vision – create a clear vision of your ideal life
  2. Responsibility – take full responsibility for your decisions and actions
  3. Courage – have the courage to make bold critical decisions
  4. Realism – maintain a realistic view of your talents, leadership and your interface with the environment.

‘To thine own self be true’

What do you think?

Have you a vision of your life and what you want to achieve?

Have you set out a plan to fulfill the vision?

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