Products or Solutions?

Many Business Owners default to talking about their products, most of which are considered a commodity and comparable.  The challenge for Business Owners is to elevate their language and package their offering or “portfolio of solutions” in context to the benefits of the work and value the Business will provide.

When the word “products” is used, it sounds more like “things” at a lower level, but when the word “Portfolio of Solutions” is used, it has a higher meaning and purpose to the discussion and its impact.

You also avoid being compared when you use “portfolio of solutions” instead of “products” which can be compared and commoditised.  As a Business Owner, you don’t want to be compared or commoditised in that way, because you won’t stand out among the rest and you will get beaten up on price.

Use the words “portfolio of solutions” instead of the words “products, tools” it elevates your language to level 3.

Think and talk about the solutions you provide for your customers and clients.

Work from the outcome back and the results the clients/customers will gain as a result of your work with them.

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