Reviewing Your History


Why review your history?? Because the stories before you – episodes of your life – have made you who you are today.

You are who you are … you are also who you were: learn from your history



Jack Canfield uses a simple theory E+R=O


E stands for all the ‘events’ of our lives


R stands for our ‘responses’ to those events


O stands for the ‘outcomes’ we experience.


While many people experience the same Event, the question of what Outcome you get is totally dependent on your Responses to the situation. What influence has the events of your life and your responses to them had on your outcomes of who you are today?


Review you history from an objective perspective to identify who you are and the origins of what made you the person you are today.


You may well decide to let go of some of that thinking, conditioning and modus operandi that does not serve you anymore.


Having collected all the evidence from your past, you can make better judgement calls regarding your current reality and your future direction.


Knowledge and information gives you freedom to choose.

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