Systems Thinking and You

systems thinking

If you are a good systems thinker, then this will help you tremendously in every way.

If you are not a systems thinker, there are no two ways about it, you will need to get good at it.

Don’t be too busy doing – take time to think work and act on systems levels of performing.

Many Business Owners fail to see and then make the connections of systems in their business, operations, etc and thus fail to work systems thinking in the business world.

This makes for a difficult time creating the value of improving one or more key components that will transform a business, and then have the further problem of NOT being able to demonstrate this to the customer and thus NOT creating the value in their eyes.

Systems thinking is about seeing the connections of all the moving parts, knowing which ones affect each other and how the entire system functions or fails as a result of the component parts.

Review books, articles and resources on systems thinking. There are many available.

For example, look up Dr. W. Edwards Deming, considered by many to be the father of Total Quality Management.

See his comments and thoughts on continual improvement of all processes, as it and much of what he taught, speaks to systems thinking.

What do you think?

Do you maintain your focus on the big picture?

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