Talk Profits

How comfortable are you asking a customer about their profitability? How comfortable are you with business types of discussions? Are you good at it?

The challenge for many Business Owners is to be able to have a discussion with the CEO and business owner on THEIR profitable or unprofitable company and have the CEO and business owner see you, as someone who can help them become more profitable. Many Business Owners never approach this discussion, thus demonstrating their less than total business ability to help their customer.

Most CEOs and business owners are in business to create profits. If you never talk profits, then how can a business owner customer see you as helping them with their profitability? It is very unlikely they will. Then what do they see you as? Most likely as someone who calls themselves a Business Owners but really isn’t.

They might see you as a specialist, but not someone truly capable of helping them create wealth for them and their business.

However, creating yourself, as that ‘Business Owners Advisor’, in their mind, will raise your standing in their eyes and help you get closer to being the chosen business partner. You don’t need to go out at get an MBA, but you do need to get a basic understanding of business and business related topics and be able to have the conversation.

Familiarize yourself with standard business documents and the appropriate level of business language to be able to have these conversations intelligently and emotionally with your ideal customers.

You are a business owner, so you should be well capable of having a business to business discussion with your ‘ideal customers’.

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