The Communications Business

One of the biggest challenges in the workplace (and at home) is the lack of clear communications. How many times have words and intentions been misinterpreted, misunderstood or miscommunicated?  Lack of communication has caused wars, lost sales and destroyed businesses.

Communications is to staff and customer relationships as blood is to the body, without either there is no life. Take time to plan, think and gather your thoughts before engaging your mouth (or computer for the written word). Make time in all your critical business and staff relationships to converse, understand and build the relationships where you understand what is not being said (body language) as well as the actual words being spoken.

YOU are in the communications business, whether you like it or not.  Make a decision to become a communications expert by giving your key business and staff relationships the time necessary to keep the lines of communications open and prevent any misunderstandings in the work place.

Just paying attention (making eye contact) and listening intently can transform a relationship and business. Sort out any communications issues by addressing the specific issue with the person. Don’t allow the negative grapevine take hold of your business, because it can destroy, goodwill, productivity, creativity and innovation.

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