The Customer’s Perspective

Get into the head of the customer and see where the customer stands in the socio-economic hierarchy as that definitely influences their trigger points.

Different types of customers tend to see value in different ways. You must be aware that value is in the eye of the beholder.

It’s like the taste of a good wine, or a fine piece of art.

See what your customer sees and know what they value.

For example, the economic buyer (owner), sees value as ‘return on investment’. In order to help him improve the bottom line. Therefore, you must talk about financial performance, return on investment, profit drivers, and the big picture.

It is important to understand features, advantages and benefits in the smaller projects with a functional buyer, but it’s imperative that you talk numbers for a major assignment.

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins points out how important it is for you to identify the correct ‘economic denominator’. This is the critical number that determines the ongoing success or failure of a business.

You must engage and discuss with the key decision makers and top managers and find out what three or four ‘critical numbers’ are in their heads all the time.

You must get them to talk about these numbers, and link your proposition as an investment proposal to help them achieve these numbers… whatever you are selling.

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