The Vital Functions of Managers

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The challenge for managers is that they get caught up in the operations of the business and they lose sight of the bigger picture. They get caught in the doing instead of the managing.

There are five core vital functions about which managers must have clarity and focus to maintain and grow the business.

These five vital functions are:

  1. Planning: formulating and writing plans for the future objectives, goals, projects, tasks at both operational and strategic levels;
  2. Organising: deploying the resources and assigning work optimally for the most effective execution of the plan;
  3. Communicating: leading, directing, delegating, supervising and monitoring results with clear, straight, honest, open communications;
  4. Controlling: monitoring, measuring and reporting effectively (up, down and across the barriers) to maximise outcomes and results;
  5. Managing Competencies: defining, measuring and developing jobs and people to fit the company’s requirements. Make a decision today to take full and total control of your role as manager in your organisation.

Even if you are not a manager yet – start to think and act, like a manager… assume the role.

Take 100% responsibility for your work and commit to being the best you can be.

Do an analysis of your current score on a scale of 1-10; then set your plan of development.

Do this by planning, organising, communicating, controlling and managing and developing your competencies so you will be a real asset to your organisation.

Remember: “Managers are made not born.”

What do you think?

How do you score on the 5 vital functions?

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