What is the Odyssey Transformational Masterclass?

The Odyssey Transformational Masterclass consists of four days of intense individualized and small group work on the transformation of you and your business.

The core theme is to enable you to analyze and receive feedback from your peers and master practitioners in a group setting regarding what prevents you from becoming the master practitioner consultant in your area of expertise.

After attending the Odyssey Webinar and then, with an additional 8 weeks of pre-work and preparation for the Transformational Masterclass, we meet you live, face to face and work closely with you to incorporate the consulting methodologies at a more thorough and deeper level for you and your business.

Those who have participated in the Transformational Masterclass have said it was a “business and life changing” transformation for them, unlike anything they have ever experienced.

You can read some of the past participants testimonials. If Odyssey is a journey the Odyssey Transformational Masterclass will enable you become captain of your own ship and set sail on the destination of your choosing.

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