Your Personal Branding


What message are you sending to your customers and the market? What message should you be sending? Have you thought about your personal brand and image? The challenge for a Business Owner/Manager is to shape your personal branding around your ideal customer and the message that will resonate with them at higher level discussions, such as strategic and conceptual levels.

Many Business Owners/Managers represent their products better than they do themselves. Don’t hide behind products when you determine your brand. You represent the value YOU provide with a message that sends a signal that YOU are the obvious expert and provide great value and benefits to your customers. This is where you want your branding to take you.

The Starbucks business, “was not about the coffee,” but more the experience associated with “the coffee” (product). What can you learn from that branding message? If it is not about the coffee (product) then why would people pay higher prices for coffee? What other “value” was associated with it. Think about how you can change your message and branding to your customers.

Identify your ideal clients/customers, then from that, determine a brand and image that will support your acquisition of those ideal customers, utilizing your unique and special points, experience and background. Your brand, image and message needs to be a consistent one to have the longer term benefits you want in the future.

Your customer buys YOU first, then your product or service and third your company.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel — let your talent shine

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